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26 October 2006 @ 12:35 pm
Voice Post about The Office s2 finale  
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(no transcription available)

Um... listen at own risk. If your eardrums are split by slightly high pitched fangirlish giggles then please don't complain to me. I'm sorry. I apologise in advance. OH my gosh. My hands are shaking so much. Can barely type. Eeek. Jim. Pam. Enough said. Am too hyped up to ever sleep again.

ETA: There are no spoilers in the post.

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teenwitch: [vm] plaits vteenwitch77 on October 26th, 2006 02:19 pm (UTC)

Lol, love that definition. That is exactly what they are! Which makes it even sadder. BUT SO MUCH FRACKIN LOVE.

Awesome ;D Oh, VM was good! Better than last week's, I thought. SAD LOGAN AGAIN, OH HOW I HAVE MISSED THEE.
amelia: l/v np comfortxanya on October 26th, 2006 02:26 pm (UTC)
July and I were having a conversation about who we felt more sorry for - Jim 'cause he just every day looks at what he loves, never knowing whether it can happen or not, and never really being able to do anything about it, or Pam, 'cause she's stuck in a largely loveless relationship and is too scared of hurting Roy to get out of it, but she also has to look at what she's missing out on, knowing that she's the one who has the power to right the situation. We both decided Jim, but still... poor Pam. Especially now that the ball is WELL AND TRULY in her court. Eeek. It's so painful.

YAY! I liked the L/V stuff last week (THAT LAST SCENE! That was the most she's ever shown she cares about him, I think, and basically she doesn't NEED to say she loves him now - though I'd like her too - because it was SO DAMN CLEAR!) but some of the other stuff was ho hum. Except for Weevil! He is always fantastic! Heh, yeah, Logan's better when he's sad. And now he's an orphan, you'd think he'd have a lot more to be sad about...
teenwitch: [vm] dick and loganteenwitch77 on October 27th, 2006 06:37 am (UTC)
I think I have to agree. Jim is just so heartbreakingly gorgeous and John Krasinski just ROCKS those facial expressions of pain. But Pam is equally heartbreaking. Oh ANGST. And heh, you're making me do random caps of hyperness. Lol!

I'd like her to say it too! I feel like she showed Duncan she cared about him a lot easier than she does with Logan, and Duncan did his fair share of bad things to her. Weevil love!! Lol, yes, being an orphan, you would think so... *grins*
amelia: l/v dancexanya on October 28th, 2006 12:51 am (UTC)
John Krasinski rocks EVERY expression! His eyes and eyebrows are just really, really expressive and... he kills me. Argh, the whole thing is making my heart hurt! I've watched the first three eps of s3 and... I CAN'T BELIEVE JIM'S GONE! Well, I can believe it, actually, but that doesn't make it better. And there's this new hussy Karen? What's that about? Things need to be sorted out fast or else SOMEONE WILL HAVE TO PAY!

Yeah, that's very true. Why was it easier to show Duncan she cared about him when the depth of caring for him doesn't even come close to what she's got with Logan? Because maybe she used to show him easily pre-Lilly's death and it wasn't that hard for her to slip back into that kind of thing? I don't know. Ooh, still haven't watched the latest ep but I will later today, I think!