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26 October 2006 @ 12:35 pm
Voice Post about The Office s2 finale  
457K 2:02
(no transcription available)

Um... listen at own risk. If your eardrums are split by slightly high pitched fangirlish giggles then please don't complain to me. I'm sorry. I apologise in advance. OH my gosh. My hands are shaking so much. Can barely type. Eeek. Jim. Pam. Enough said. Am too hyped up to ever sleep again.

ETA: There are no spoilers in the post.

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amelia: j/d the coldxanya on November 1st, 2006 11:48 am (UTC)
Jim is perfect. HE IS! I've been blinded by reading fanfic, I think (awww, that one you recommended was really good! That's how it should be. Jim and Pam together are better! Well, that' sjust obvious. Why do I bother saying these thigns? Who are they benefitting?) but, seriously, he's a great guy. And he uses fabric softener! I don't do that. (But my mum might. Who knows?) THE WINK! God, could she have been flirting more openly and just been showing her love more blatantly than that? The looks and the smiles Jim and Pam are always sharing well... they say everything, don't they? Here I am, being Captain Obvious again! Um, yes, the juxtaposition with her happiness and his "I have no future" was quite extremely upsetting. But realistic.

Happy to see Jim/Karen? No, that's wrong! Not that I have Jim/Pam blinkers on, or anything. Yes, patience! I have this vague memory about waiting for a while for this really pretty blonde lady and a guy with... dimples? Something boyish. I just seem to remember that they had a thing going but it was a while before anythign came of it. Come to think of it, did that end up working out? Who knows.